A Lil’ Respect

Many of my graduate-scheme-job friends would be accustomed to an interview process that took weeks, even months, and involved multiple stages of elimination to reach the final paid job – but my chosen industry employs on a basis of nepotism, networking and neglecting even to read half the CVs. I must have sent out nearly a hundred job applications for positions in TV by now, plus nearing two hundred personalised emails with my updated CV, but a personal reply is as rare as a production with an over-generous budget.

However, when I applied to Zig Zag Productions, the receipt of my application form and CV was acknowledged, I had an email inviting me to the first round of interviews within a week, only a weekend passed between those and the second round of interviews, at which I was interviewed personally by the CEO, and within a day of that I got an invitation to come in for a week of work experience, with a view to a full time position at the end.

It was wonderful to see a production company take such care over their recruitment: it made every applicant feel valued; the prompt response to emails and applications made me trust the company and feel like I really wanted to be a part of it. Clearly, this company realises that it pays to take the time to respect your applicants, and I hope that Zig Zag is leading the way on this policy within the TV industry.

A Lil’ Respect

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