Getting the Best Offer

About a month ago, I was invited up to BBC Salford in Manchester for an interview. I was rather excited – the role up for grabs was a researcher on the BBC’s Bitesize team. With my background of working on educational materials for my mum’s company, it seemed like a good fit! The interview was great, very thorough, quite difficult but not nasty questions, all designed to evaluate my competence for various aspects of the job.

A week later, I got a phone call. They said they would like to offer me a job – but not the one I had applied for. It was an editorial support role, which would mainly involve subtitling. I did indeed have experience of subtitling from a work experience placement, but I really had to weigh up if this was worth moving to Manchester, when I already had a well-paid job and a network of contacts in London…

I sought the advice of my colleague at work. I also emailed a producer friend who had previously worked at BBC Learning. Both advised me that I would be better off staying in London.

However, the question of job security still remained. With the BBC, I had an offer of three months of full time work, guaranteed. January is a notoriously difficult month for getting TV work, and my contract at Windfall Films was due to finish at the start of the New Year. So I approached my boss, told her that I had been offered another job (which made me look like I was in demand!) but explained to her honestly that I would prefer to stay, if there was an opportunity of an extension. The next day, a letter plopped onto my desk, extending me with Windfall for a further six weeks. Win!

And so I found myself in the rather strange position of having to refuse the BBC…

Getting the Best Offer