Saving Mexico’s Children

The Power of Early Education

One of the films I worked on last summer is now available to view online. If you do have a spare half hour, I can highly recommend watching it. It’s about a passionate, energetic, brave woman who is single-handedly turning around education in Mexico; I am honoured to have worked with her.

The Mexican state education system fails its students miserably and is ravaged by corruption. But Elisa Guerra saw this and decided to set up her own school, using her own materials, to make sure her children received the education they deserved. She realised that bad primary education is worse than no education at all, so she encourages children as young as three to learn a different language, play a musical instrument, get involved in sport, appreciate art and culture. This stimulation encourages children to think, not just to learn.

In an ever-changing world, our education systems are struggling to keep up. But a few amazing people are working to change that. These films tell their stories.


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