Drama Reconstruction

Three days. Two nights. One country house. A lot of fun.

That’s basically what happened last week. We did a drama reconstruction shoot at a wonderful house in Suffolk; we stayed overnight in their bedrooms and filmed in their drawing room, dining room, library, and another couple of bedrooms. I was responsible for the costumes, which involved a lot of trying on Victorian dresses and working out which to put on first, the petticoat or the corset. Then there was advising the art department on props, a last-minute dash to find a Queen Victoria costume and a fiddly time learning how to tie ghillie brogues (I failed and pinned them into place).

But it all worked out in the end! Even though we were shooting drama, the atmosphere had a very ‘documentary’ feel about it: everyone chipped in, helped each other, made suggestions, found solutions, and although we were all tired by the end, it felt more like the end of an active holiday than a shoot.

I loved the whole experience, and I think the footage looks pretty good too. I would love to try my hand at a bit more drama reconstruction, as I think, if done well, it can really bring a documentary to life. Let’s see what the next job holds!

Drama Reconstruction